YAY! You placed an order and I bet you’re wondering when your package will show up at your door? If you answered “yes,” keep reading!

Our standard shipping times allow for up to 10 business days (Monday through Friday Only) for your order to ship after being purchased — if not sooner!

Each and every bottle of The Hair Growth & Dry Scalp Serum is made with love by hand. From the labeling, to filling each bottle with the perfect amount of nutrient-rich oils, to packaging and shipping, the utmost care is put into ensuring that you receive the best quality product. But great things take time.

If we encounter an issue with shipping your order, this timeframe will change. An email will be sent to you within 10 business days of your purchase. An issue that is frequently encountered is that your address was flagged as being an "unverified" address by the mail carrier, United States Postal Service (USPS). This is most often because there was a typo, so be sure to check and double check the email you submit!

So what happens if there’s an issue with shipping your order?

We will contact you to request an amended or alternate address to ship to. If you are unable to submit an amended or alternate address, we will refund you for your order.

What if your order was marked delivered by the mail carrier, USPS, but you can't locate it?

First, check with neighbors to ensure that it was not delivered to the wrong address.

If you still cannot locate the your package, please contact USPS customer service. We are unable to refund orders that have been marked as "delivered" by the mail carrier (USPS).